Doll Face Persians

Doll Face Persian

Doll Face Persian

What is a Doll Face Persian?

There are two types of facial structures on the Persian breed – doll face and peke-face (flat face). A peke-face Persian has a higher nose coupled with a cleaner break thus creating an extreme flat-faced appearance. The Doll Face Persian, also known as the traditional Persian, flaunts a nose that sits lower on the face with less of a break. Both peke-face Persians and Doll Face Persians are considered Persians being registered with credible cat registries such as CFA and ACFA.

Doll Face Persian Background

If you were to go back many years in time to visit a major cat show, you would see that Doll Face Persians were ribbon winners. At some point, it was decided to change the look of the show Persian to a more flatter face and petite body. In order to make this happen, inbreeding was used, more particularly line breeding where offspring were bred to parents. After many generations of following this breeding protocol, the goal of creating the peke-face Persian was met thus setting a new show standard in the Persian breed. But what was to become of the traditional Persian?

Many breeders chose not to incorporate line breeding into their breeding program thus keeping the traditional look of the Persian breed. Because the traditional Persian was no longer considered show quality, kittens produced from this type of breeding were considered pet quality. Despite the fact that traditional Persians were no longer considered show quality, more people continued to prefer the traditional look over the show look. Later traditional Persians were fondly named Doll Face Persians.

Doll Face Persian Teacups

A standard Doll Face Persian has a longer leaner body coupled with long legs. Much like show quality Persian breeders, some Doll Face Persian breeders also chose to change the look of the Persian. By making the right pairing choices, Doll Face Persian breeders were able to keep the doll face look but change the body structure to a more smaller, cobby, petite body thus producing Doll Face Teacup Persian Kittens.

Doll Face Persian Breeders

When shopping for Doll Face Persian Kittens be sure to chose breeders that sell their kittens with a health guarantee and state approved, vet signed health certificate. Also play it safe while shopping online – buy from breeders that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.