Should I Get A Male Or Female Persian Cat?

Should I Get A Male Or Female Persian Cat?

Should I Get A Male Or Female Persian Cat?

Should I Get A Male Or Female Persian Cat?

After hours of research and family discussions, perhaps you are finally ready to start shopping for a Persian kitten, but you find yourself faced with yet another perplexing question – Do I buy a male or a female? It’s an important question to ask because there is a difference between the two especially if you plan to leave your kitten unaltered.

An altered Persian kitten or cat has undergone surgery having all or part of their sexual organs removed. A female is spayed while a male is castrated. An unaltered Persian cat is one that is functioning with sexual organs intact and capable of producing. It is highly suggested that you have your Persian altered (fixed).

Unaltered Male Persian Cats


An unaltered male Persian cat may mark his territory by spraying a scent on objects. This scent is typically meant to warn other males to stay away. The spray comes out of the urethra which is near the rectum. To a human nose, this smell is not pleasant being almost unbearable to live with indoors.


In addition to spraying, an unaltered male Persian cat will most likely seek a female for breeding. This means he will be more likely to yearn for the outdoors.  Keeping a male cat indoors when he wants to breed can be quite a challenge. Any open door is an opportunity for a male cat to dart outside. Then you are faced with the challenge of finding him and getting him back inside again.


In an effort to protect his territory, an unaltered male Persian cat may fight with other male cats. When two male cats fight, it can be quite brutal and bloody. If you happen to own to unaltered male Persian cats, it is best to keep them separate at all times.

Unaltered Female Persian Cats

Unaltered female Persian cats will eventually go into heat. Typically this happens at around 10 months of age. A cycling female will become more noisy, affectionate, and active. Her cries may be loud as if in pain. This behavior is meant to get the attention of surrounding males. Tom cats from around the neighborhood might pick up her scent and start to hang out around your house. During this time it can be difficult to keep your cycling female cat indoors.

Altered Persian Cats

Once a Persian cat is altered, there is not much difference between a male and female. With reproductive organs no longer intact, both genders are very similar. Females can be a little more independent while males are sometimes more laid back. Keep in mind that just like people, cats have their own individual personalities with some being friendlier and more outgoing than others.