What Is The Personality Of A Persian Kitten?

What Is The Personality Of A Persian Kitten?

Persian Kittens and Cats Personality

With its long luxurious coat, colorful round eyes, and regal stature, the Persian is no doubt one of the most stunning cat breeds. But, as the old saying goes, looks ain’t everything. Lucky for the Persian, this breed is also equipped with an outstanding personality especially when it comes to the qualities often sought in a family pet.

House Friendly

We’ve all seen the cartoon depiction of the home owner, after a long day, walking through their front door only to find that the family cat shredded all the curtains and knocked over all the precious knickknacks. While the comedic rendering is all in fun, there is something to be said about keeping a cat cooped up inside of a house all day. Cats tend to have a mischievous wild side that is often well suited for outdoor life. As a general rule, it is natural for a cat to thrive outside being well equipped with sharp claws, agility, and hunting skills. Of course there is almost always an exception to every rule, and in this case, the Persian definitely fits the exception to this rule. Persians are not only content being indoors, it is almost unsafe to allow a Persian to live outdoors. Persians are extremely docile thus making this breed an easy target as prey. It is this non-aggressive personality that makes the breed well suited for the indoors. Keep in mind that the Persian breed itself dates back to the late 1800’s thus being domesticated for many years. At this point, Persians have been bred to live the indoor pampered life – it’s in their blood.

Playful and Loyal

Although the Persian is a mild well-mannered cat, it’s still a cat. Cats, even Persians, love to play and chase toys. So there will be times when your Persian is more active; however, the majority of the time, she will be very content chilling out next to you on the couch. Persians are also very loyal. It is not unusual for a Persian to follow its owner around the house much like a puppy dog. It is also not uncommon for your Persian to talk to you expressing (demanding) her favorite treat or toy.

Great Family Pet

When it comes to personality, it’s also important not to paint with broad strokes. Just like people, cats have their own personality – even Persian cats. Some cats will be friendlier and more social than others. When shopping for a Persian kitten, it is important to ask the breeder about the personality of a kitten that you might be considering for purchase. Keep in mind that while looks are important, the personality of the kitten is key when it comes to family blending. However, overall, looking for Persian kittens for sale, understand that this is typically a quiet breed that functions well indoors.