How To Clean A Persian Kittens Eyes

How To Clean A Persian Kittens Eyes

How To Clean A Persian Kittens Eyes

A common characteristic of the Persian breed is beautiful prominent eyes. But sometimes eyes with such distinction can cause the eye lids to stretch. This may sometimes create a disturbance in eye drainage thus cause an overflow of tears. The overflow of tears can create a staining on the corner of the eyes. Learning how to clean a Persian kittens eyes can help deter the amount of staining.

What you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 4 cups of warm water
  • medium glass bowl
  • 2 soft wash clothes
  • large towel
  • soft bristle toothbrush

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Step One: Mix water and peroxide in glass bowl.
  2. Step Two: Place large towel on a table or counter top.
  3. Step Three: Place bowl with peroxide mixture on the towel.
  4. Step Four: Place kitten on the towel.
  5. Step Five: After saturating the small soft cloth in the peroxide mixture, tip kitten’s head to the side and gently squeeze water over eyes. Avoid getting water in kitten’s nose. Do the same with the other eye.
  6. Step Six: Dip toothbrush into peroxide water then gently scrub stained areas.
  7. Step Seven: Dry both eyes with the other soft wash cloth.


  • Never pick eye crust with your fingers as it can pull fur thus causing more irritation.
  • There is a difference between peroxide and alcohol. Do not use alcohol.
  • Only use 3% peroxide.
  • Be consistent! Clean eyes daily to avoid an overabundance of staining.
  • Talk to you vet about this procedure before trying it on your kitten.

Keep in mind that sudden eye staining could be a sign of an eye infection. Talk to your vet about this possibility. Kittens can sometimes grow out of or grow into eye staining. In other words, a kitten with staining can sometimes grow out of it while a kitten without eye staining can sometimes grow into having eyes that stain. This is due to a change in facial structure that may occur with growth.