How Much Does a Persian Kitten Cost

How Much Does a Persian Kitten Cost

How much does a Persian kitten cost?

Price is an important factor to consider when shopping for most anything these days. With budgets being tight, consumers look for ways to stretch the dollar. It’s not unusual to see shoppers clipping coupons and scouring the ads for the best deals. But should this same concept be applied when shopping for a Persian kitten? How much does a Persian kitten cost?

A Persian kitten is a living creature – not a box of cereal. Shopping for a Persian kitten, or any pet, should not be compared to our everyday shopping items. A kitten will live with you and your family on a daily basis affecting your life in many ways. With that said, money should not be the most important factor. Generally speaking, Persians are priced based on factors that are decided by individual breeders. Some breeders will base cost on size, facial structure, and coat quality. Often, breeders also base price on willingness to hold back as a future breeder. A breeder will put a certain price, and often a steep one, on a particular kitten standing firm by that price. If the kitten doesn’t sell, the breeder will hold that kitten back as part of his/her breeding stock.

Unfortunately, personality is not often considered by many breeders when determining price. Because a kitten will be living in a family environment, personality should be the most important factor. As mentioned above, the purchase of a family pet is one that will affect the entire family on a daily basis. Owning a kitten with a loving and social personality can have a positive affect on the family environment. In today’s world, you can’t put a price on happiness at home.

The time of year can also play a small role in the pricing of Persian kittens. Typically summer months are slow for pet purchases as families are vacationing. During the summer months, it’s not unusual to find great deals on great kittens. So if you want a fabulous kitten, but your wallet is a little light, wait to make your purchase in July, August, or early September.

Quality of care is always considered by breeders when deciding cost of a kitten. Some breeders front vet bills on each kitten. When dealing with a reputable breeder, buyers receive a kitten that has been vaccinated, blood tested, and stool tested. Vet signed health certificates are an additional cost as well. Often, breeders have spent well over $200 a kitten just on vet bills alone – this doesn’t include all the other costs such as food, litter, utilities, and so on.

When researching how much does a Persian kitten cost, keep in mind that price shouldn’t be top priority when purchasing a Persian kitten. Shop only from high quality breeders that provide vet signed health certificates, completed blood work, and vaccines. Get a health guarantee. Play it safe by purchasing from catteries that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Consider breeders who are up front and honest about the personality of a kitten. Not all kittens are super social and friendly. While you many get a deal at certain times of the year, in most cases, you get what you pay for – especially when it comes to buying a Persian kitten.