How Big Does A Teacup Persian Kitten Get?

How Big Does A Teacup Persian Kitten Get?

How Big Does A Teacup Persian Kitten Get?

Teacup Persian kittens size

How big does a teacup Persian kitten get?

Persian kittens come in three different sizes – teacup, toy, and standard. Teacup Persian kittens are the smallest. Standard Persian kittens are the largest. Toy is somewhere in-between the two.

When considering size, it is important to understand that breeders (catteries) set their own size guidelines and rules. So when you ask how big does a teacup Persian kitten get, keep this very important factor in mind. Ask the breeder how size is determined in their cattery.

Often the estimated adult weight is considered when determining whether a kitten will be teacup, toy, or standard. However weight should not be the only factor. Body structure should also be considered.

A standard size doll face Persian, also known as a traditional Persian, is a very long bodied and long legged cat. If you look back at the first Persians, the long body and log legs are a common characteristic. With  this in mind, a kitten that displays a longer body and legs will most likely be considered a standard Persian, no matter what the estimated adult weight. Kittens with shorter bodies and legs, fall into the teacup and toy category.

Consider a kitten with a long body and log legs that weighs less than a kitten with a shorter body and legs: Which is the teacup? Is it the longer bodied kitten that weighs less or the shorter bodied kitten that weighs more? It is this example that emphasizes the fact that it is important for a breeder to not only consider estimated adult weight but also body structure when determining the size of a Persian kitten.

Of course it’s very difficult for a breeder to provide a size guarantee. Estimates are given based on the factors provided such as the parents size and weight.

When inquiring about a Persian kitten’s size,  you may want to ask the breeder the following questions:

  • How big are the kitten’s parents?
  • What is the kitten’s body structure?
  • How big are the previous siblings?
  • What is the estimated adult weight?

Color can play a role in size. Silver and gold Persians tend to run a little smaller than most other colors such as white. Also a female cat is often smaller than a male cat. These are other factors to consider when shopping for a Persian kitten.