Terms and Conditions

The following are our terms and conditions:
Deposits are non refundable. Buyer understand that $200 of full payment is considered the holding deposit. If you bypass the deposit making a full payment, then change your mind about purchasing the kitten, you can’t say, “I didn’t make a deposit. I made the full payment”. Buyer understands that $200 of the full payment is non-refundable. Purchases are non-refundable 24 hours after purchase.

Shipping is an additional charge of $450. Buyer understands that shipping does not mean purchased kitten is delivered to Buyer’s door. Shipping means that Buyer is required to pick-up kittens from the nearest participating airport. Seller will provide Buyer detailed information about the itinerary and full instructions on picking up kitten. Buyer understands that if shipping outside the US, there may be additional fees for passing customs. Buyer is responsible for these fees. Buyer should contact customs to get all required information.

We do not guarantee the size of our kittens. We only provide an estimate based on lineage; however, exceptions are possible. An adult teacup Persian cat will not actually fit in a standard teacup.

Seller will provide Buyer with a vet signed, state approved health certificate showing purchased kitten tested negative for felv and fiv. Health certificate will also indicate kitten’s fecal test is negative for parasites. Health certificate will also indicate that kitten received a full examination displaying no signs of disease or sickness. Seller provides a one-year health guarantee against serious life, theatening hereditary and congenital defects.

Teacup Persian, Toy Persian, Standard Persian, Cubby Persian, and Pashmina White Persian are not actual breeds. These are descriptive words. All of our kittens are registered simply as Persians or Himalayans (color point carrier Persians).

All kittens are ACFA or CFA registered as Persians or Himalayans sold with a Spay/Neuter Agreement which requires kittens to be altered (fixed) before buyer receives registration paper.

KITTEN AVAILABILITY: There is only one of each kitten available; therefore, kittens are sold to the person who places a deposit first. After a kitten is purchased, the website will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the availability of the kitten.

In an effort to protect Seller from fraudulent chargebacks, seller must supply a copy of their driver’s license.

Seller offers shipping via United Airlines and Delta Airlines to participating airports across the United States. Seller will make all shipping arrangements and provide that information to the Buyer. The Buyer is responsible for picking up kitten from the airport. The consignee (the person assigned by the Shipper to pickup the kitten) must show proof of identification. Buyer is not responsible for kitten once signed over to the airline. Shipping is an additional $450.

TeacupPersianKittens.com will charge sales tax at the rate of 7% based on sales tax rate for Indian River County, Florida. Purchases made outside the state of Florida will not be charged sales tax at this time.