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Persian Kittens for Sale! Kittens available now! Use promo code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to receive free shipping on select kittens.
Persian Kittens Shipping


We offer shipping to most major airports within the United States. Kittens fly via United Airline’s Pet Safe Program. Kittens ship and arrive on the same day. Being kept in a climate controlled environment, kittens are never exposed to harmful…

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USDA Health Certificate

USDA Health Certified

All kittens come with a USDA approved health certificate signed by a licensed vet. During this health check, kittens are blood and stool tested negative for feline diseases and parasites. Age appropriate vaccinations are administered including a feline booster. Buyer…

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Persian Kittens Health Information

Written Health Guarantee

Our kittens come with a written health guarantee against serious genetic health issues. This guarantee is also part of an agreement requiring you to provide your kitten with quality care and quality food. There are a few restrictions including certain…

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Buy Persian Kittens


We accept major credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept PayPal. Because we accept payments only when kittens are ready for adoption, we no longer accept holding deposits. The kittens advertised on our website are…

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Happening Now!

Our 2014 Holiday kittens are available. Shop now before Santa runs out! We will ship Christmas Eve!

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Silver Persian Kittens for Sale

Silver Persian Kittens for Sale are very popular in chinchilla and shaded patterns. Kittens are available in three different sizes including teacup, toy, and standard. All of our silver Persian kittens for sale come accompanied by a health certificate signed…

White Persian Kittens for Sale

White Persian Kittens for Sale are available with blue eyes, green eyes, or duo jeweled (odd) eyes. White Persians look like little stuffed animals – it’s almost hard to believe that they are real! But they are. We offer white…

Golden Persian Kittens for Sale

The golden Persian’s coat can come in several different patterns including shaded, chinchilla, and tabby. The shaded and tabby pattern is the darkest while the chinchilla pattern is the lightest. Golden persian kittens are all born very dark. To the lay person,…

Persian Kittens for Sale Under $1000

Check out our most popular store page -$1000 and under Persian Kittens for Sale. Please note shipping is an additional $350. Kittens in this category sell super fast so shop now before they are all gone!

Kittens $1000 & Under
Doll Face Persian

What is a Doll Face Persian? There are two types of facial structures on the Persian breed – doll face and peke-face (flat face). A peke-face Persian has a higher nose coupled with a cleaner break thus creating an extreme…

Teacup Persian Kittens for Sale

Our Teacup Persian Kittens for Sale come in three main colors – white, silver, and golden. While we do not guarantee size, typically our Teacup Persian Kittens for Sale exhibit a more petite body structure than standard size doll face…

Persian Kittens Care

Questions: How to do I groom my Persian kitten? How do I give my Persian kitten a bath? What kind of food should I feed my Persian? Get answers to many common questions about your Persian kitten's care. This page…

What our buyers are saying...

Kathy - Port Townsend WA

"I want to take a minute to thank you once again with providing for us our wonderful,beautiful kittens. What joy they bring every day. Cappy, now Silver(fox) and Lucy, now Sierra are perfect companions. They are gentle sweet, affectionate,funny, and everything a person would want as a cat owner..."

Kathy - Port Townsend WA
Pamela - DeKalb IL

"...I have to say Jubilee is such an exceptional little guy! We love him to pieces!!! We agreed Jubilee was the perfect name for him from the beginning and fits his personality to a T!! He even comes when we call his name! From the moment he arrived here before Christmas with our daughter Hannah, he has made himself right at home. He has a fun, energetic personality and everyone is in love with him..."

Pamela - DeKalb IL